Review of ‘Aarzoo-Arshan: Can one hate Love?’

Author: Mukul Kumar
Format: Kindle edition
Genre: Psycho-romantic

Arshan is a typical malignant narcissist, consumed by megalomaniacal delusions of grandeur who satisfies his ego by indulging with multiple sexual partners. Arshan is so extremely influenced by his impulsiveness and self-absorption, it is clear he doesn’t truly hold his friends or anyone in his life in high regard. The plot turns when he gets trapped in a never-ending cycle of frustration when he falls for a girl named Aarzoo. Arshan can’t cope with his own emotions and to satisfy his sadistic urge creates an anti-love potion (oh yes, Arshan used to drink a love potion as a way with his flattery).

The author has portrayed Arshan as a male chauvinist. Apart from that, the character has no depth at all, which made me skeptical about the storyline. Aarzoo’s character could have been more detailed. It’s my absolute personal opinion, that I think the author didn’t make an honest judgment towards the story. This book is not what I would call a ‘psychological thriller’. The writing style is quite impressive but the plotline is sketchy. The psychological aspect of the story lacks depth.

All in one, it’s a short one-time read.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

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