📚BOOK REVIEW📚 : FARTHER (A Fabulous Tale of a Troubled Father)

Author: Chaitanya Desale

‘But it’s not me…It’s the life, that decides.

It is harder to go farther.

And to live without each other’


Manbir lived together with his wife Nivia and their newborn girl Ruhi in Mumbai. While Manbir worked as a robotics engineer in The New Era Robotics, Nivia was an aspiring writer. Both their families deserted them as a result of their inter-caste wedding. Manbir was a workaholic working hard on his dream project of building AI robots and cherished the hope of getting recognized and applauded one day. With his works forcing him to stay late within the workplace, Manbir struggled to satisfy his commitments as a parent.

Book Cover

Situations took a flip with the tragic premature death of Nivia that turned Manbir into a single parent. Manbir had to relinquish his dream project to his nemesis, Danny. At the same time, Manbir tried to meet his job obligations and took care of Ruhi, while on the other hand, it leads him to a marvelous discovery that must stay a secret. As time went by, Manbir developed a robust fatherly bond with Ruhi. But, what will happen when Ruhi comes to know the truth about his mother’s death? How long can he keep his discovery confidential?

The book is well-structured with a distinct narrative. The characters are well delineated. Along with a sleek narrative, the author kept the readers engaged until the unraveling of the climax. The book has dealt with issues like inter-caste relationships as well as has thrown some light on the sphere of robotics. For readers looking for an emotional and intriguing read, this book would be a great find.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book Link: https://www.amazon.in/FARTHER-Fabulous-Tale-Troubled-Father/dp/1638736219/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1KF7IQXXM2MCM&dchild=1&keywords=farther&qid=1629477803&s=books&sprefix=farther%2Caps%2C322&sr=1-1


The story sets in the background of Fulton County, southwest Atlanta, where a ten-year-old boy Ray Lee Williams went missing when he went out of his house to buy some food from a nearby store. While the whereabouts of the young black boy played upon in the news, the police found Ray’s body on the 10th day of his disappearance. The autopsy report revealed that Ray was brutally strangulated and raped. The case was soon transferred to a lead detective in the Criminal Investigation Division, Bernard Watts.

As Detective Watts began investigating, he unfolds similar disturbing cases of eleven young African-American boys been murdered by ligature strangulation in the past decade. Watts was surprised that neither of these cases reached public attention, and it was evident that someone in power was vigorously trying to keep these hidden from the public eye. Who murdered these young boys and why? Was it a crime of passion or a crime because of racial hate? To know, grab a copy of this crime novel.

Book Cover

The novel is well-narrated, and the writing style is simple. I loved how the author has succeeded in keeping the reader hooked till the end. The theme of this novel is very graphic and may not be preferred by a few. It is should a must-read for a person who loves criminal thrillers. I hope to read more from the author.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Book Buying Link: LIGATURE eBook: W.L.L., Dr.: Amazon.in: Kindle Store

📚BOOK REVIEW📚 : The Beautiful Sky: …healing starts within by Harshwardhan

The novel starts with Amyra and Vian’s college romance. Both of them have opposite personalities. While Vian is a utopian character who loves Shayaris wants to be an author, Amyra is a career-oriented, practical woman. As their college life gets over, Amyra chooses to break up because she knew her parents would not consent to her marriage with Vian. Vian is heartbroken and struggles to get over Amyra.

Book Cover

Amyra’s life topples over when she faces a horrible sexual assault by a gang. Her fiance breaks off their wedding, and Amyra finds herself in a gloomy place filled with hopelessness. However, as she starts reconnecting with herself after this event, she found support from her ex-boyfriend Vian who promises her to remain by her side throughout her healing phase.

It is a story of friendship, faith, love, and healing that will catch the reader emotionally. The plot is impressive, but the story turned too uniform in some parts and has been stretched a lot. Nevertheless, it is a well-narrated novel with excellent character development. For readers who love heartfelt romance novels, this novel would be a perfect choice.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book Buying Link: The Beautiful Sky : …healing starts within eBook: HARSHWARDHAN: Amazon.in: Kindle Store

Grammarly Review 2021: Should we use it?

Have you ever published a blog post? Like me, there are millions of book bloggers and reviewers. However, after submitting a review, you get a complaint from the author that you have tons of spelling and punctuation mistakes. You would feel terrible. Right?

Hence it is crucial to use a tool to find the grammatical inaccuracies in articles so that your writing can be error-free.

Grammarly is a comprehensive writing assistant for students, professionals, and users whose primary language is not English. It assists us in eliminating standard grammar and punctuation errors. Grammarly is not a replacement for human proofreaders but is an excellent tool to polish our English writing.

My rating of Grammarly: 9/10

So, let us have a glimpse at whatever Grammarly has to offer us. Grammarly is probably the world’s most popular revolutionary tool that helps you to write faster without having to worry about errors. It checks grammar, spelling, punctuation, and plagiarism online.

Now, is Grammarly worth the cost? Here is a detailed review of Grammarly in 2021. After that, we will see if Grammarly is reliable by testing ourselves.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an online writing companion that corrects spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery mistakes. It uses artificial intelligence to recognize and search for an appropriate replacement for the error. It also allows users to customize their style, tone, and context-specific language. Launched in 2009 by Alex Shevchenko, Max Lytvyn, and Dmytro Lider, Grammarly has continued its mission to help writers, bloggers, students, and academic teachers write better and correct English.

It has a free chrome extension for the browser and checks for grammatical errors when writing any blog, status updates, emails.

What are the best features of Grammarly? First, let us have an overview.

  • Checks and corrects over 250 grammatical inaccuracies
  • Identifies contextual spelling errors, and in-built comma splice checker corrects the placement of commas
  • Rectifies faulty vocabulary usage and suggests synonyms
  • Advanced proofreader identifies wordy sentences and passive voice
  • Instantly corrects the mistakes while writing on online platforms like Linkedin, Messenger, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Emails, and many more
  • A free browser extension is available
  • Inbuilt plagiarism checker recognizes and displays plagiarized or duplicate content percentage on the document
  • Checks the content based on what document template one selects
  • Helps to create a professional resume

Who should use Grammarly?

Apart from being a grammar checker tool, Grammarly acts as a writing guide, duplicate content detector, and personal proofreader.

  • Writers and bloggers
  • Publishers/authors who cannot afford a human proofreader
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Teachers, librarians who need to check student assignments for plagiarism
  • Students who flare to write better English and get better grades with conventional papers and better-punctuated assignments
  • Job aspirants who want to create a professional resume

Procedures to use Grammarly

There are five ways one can use Grammarly:

Other platforms where Grammarly can be used:

1. Grammarly Web Tool: To use the web version, Sign up for a Grammarly account by clicking here. A workspace will appear like the image below. You can start writing directly or paste any text. After checking the text, you can save your document by renaming it.


By clicking on ‘My Grammarly,’ you will visit your dashboard, where all your saved documents exist. One can download the files as Microsoft Word Document (.docx) in the download folder.

2. Grammarly for Windows: Grammarly can be downloaded on both Windows and macOS. To use the desktop version, download the app here for your preferred system, follow the instructions for installation, and utilize the tool in the same way as the web version.

3. Grammarly Browser Extension:

This extension is available on four browsers- Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. You can visit here to choose your preferred browser and install it following the instructions.

Grammarly Browser Extension Page

I use Microsoft Edge. To install the extension for Edge, click here and add the extension. Grammarly will get activated for Edge. Now, you can write on any online platform, and Grammarly will correct the mistakes.

Grammarly Extension for Microsoft Edge

4. Grammarly for Microsoft Word and Outlook: Grammarly add-in can be used directly within Microsoft Word. However, an internet connection is required while using Grammarly in Word. To use it, visit this page. Grammarly Installer will be download to your Download folder. Follow the set-up instructions. In Microsoft Word, an ‘Enable Grammarly’ button will appear. Click on it to activate Grammarly in word and start writing.

5. On Smartphones: Grammarly also has a keyboard that is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can visit here to scan the QR code with your phone to install the Grammarly Keyboard. Alternatively, you can get it through AppStore or Google Play. Once activated, the app will monitor your writing as you compose an email or text message or a comment.

How much will Grammarly cost?

Grammarly can be used for an individual or a team. The free version is for individuals. The free version has no restrictions, and one can use it indefinitely without any trial period.

To unlock all of Grammarly’s features, one has to upgrade to the Grammarly Premium version. The current rate for Grammarly Premium is:

  • Monthly Plan- $30.00 / month
  • Quarterly Plan- $20.00 / month (Billed as one payment of $60.00)
  • Annual Plan- $12.00 / month (Billed as one payment of $144.00)

Grammarly Business Plan is available for a minimum three-member team that will cost $12.5 /month/member (Billed annually). Grammarly Business Plan has all the features of Grammarly Premium with an additional admin panel, statistics, and monitoring tools.

Grammarly Free Version:

The free version of Grammarly identifies the basic mistakes and corrects them. The following aid offered by Grammarly Free version:

  • Spelling mistakes
  • Corrects Verb
  • Corrects Preposition:
  • Punctuation mistakes:
  • The version of English you want to write in:

Grammarly Premium Version:

Grammarly Premium includes all the features available in Free Version. In addition, it will suggest the following detailed information about each grammatical mistake:

  • Writing discrepancies
  • Overuse of the words
  • Wordiness
  • Improper tone
  • Unclear statements
  • The preferred word according to the context
  • Plagiarism
Comparison between Grammarly Free and Premium

My Review of Grammarly Premium

The most striking feature of Grammarly Premium is that it helps me set goals according to the type of writing I want to produce. This personalized feature has helped me a lot in elevating my writing. When a new document is opened a set of goals appear on the screen. One can pick their preferred goals according to their content. The following set of writing goals that appear on the screen are:

  • Audience 
  • Formality
  • Domain
  • Tone
  • Intent

Adjusting these goals helps because Grammarly determines which words it will prefer or overlook. How these goals are used:

  • Audience: There are three types of delivery of the content- General, Knowledgeable, and Expert. For example, if one chooses an expert audience, Grammarly will suggest not to use personal pronouns.
  • Formality: There are Formal, Neutral, and Informal writing. For example, neutral writing allows standard casual expressions but restricts slang.
  • Domain: This determines which type of document one is producing like- Academic, Business, General, Email, Casual or Creative. I generally use the creative domain while writing my reviews.
  • Tone: It decides the style of the passage like- Neutral, Confident, Joyful, Optimistic, Friendly, Urgent, Analytical, or Respectful.
  • Intent: The choices of Inform, Describe, Convince or Tell a story will set up your narrative in the way you desire.

Although personalized suggestions are not always accurate, they surely will upgrade your writing skill. I have not used any other grammar checking apps apart from Grammarly. However, till now Grammarly has not disappointed me. I have gained quite a confidence in writing after using Grammarly.

Another essential point to remember is that Grammarly cannot replace a human proofreader. Therefore, when you are using Grammarly, pay attention and review the suggestions it provides.

Is Grammarly Premium worth the price?

Yes, it is worth it. If you are a professional reviewer or a blogger or a writer, I would recommend Grammarly Premium because it will provide you a clear suggestion of each sentence or word and even help you detect plagiarism. You will improve your style of writing as you gradually notice your mistakes.

Grammarly Premium picks up a lot of grammatical errors and sentence constructions compared to the free version. Hence, it is a valuable tool to enhance and outshine your written English.

In a nutshell, if you want to improve your writing and proceed with it sincerely, Grammarly Premium is worth it.

Thank you for reading my Grammarly review. If you find it helpful, do leave a comment.

Click here to get started with Grammarly

📚BOOK REVIEW📚 : ‘THE GUARDIAN OF THE PALACE’ (Book I of The Guardian League)

Author: Steven J. Morris

“The choices we make, the paths we take, sometimes send us around such a bend that it becomes hard to look back and see our former selves.”


Garnet Hernandez, aka Red, a former military member, was assigned as a /watch manager to protect one of the biggest commercial hotspots of New York’s The Palace (La Penbrook Palencia). Even with few constructions left, the high-rise building has made its way to create a buzz in the commercial sector. But, one night finds herself caught in the middle of stopping an extraterrestrial invasion attempting to destroy the building. Although she saved the building and killed a few creatures, she gets suspicious whether the aliens were here to harm or protect. If Red found out they weren’t the bad guys, what would she do then?

Book Cover

A few days later, Red had a sudden celestial encounter, where she realized that, due to the enormous population density of the city, the dark creatures (the Infected) from the other world are drawn here. These creatures can penetrate different worlds. The increased population of New York City and many deluxe cities worldwide had set the world under alien invasion. So Red and her team must save the world under such an impending attack. Grab this exotic sci-fi to enter into the world of magic, monsters, trolls, and elves.

The plotline is well-crafted and attention-grabbing. In addition, the book had a feminine lead that was refreshing. If you’re an admirer of fantasy, then this book would be a fabulous read.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Book Link: The Guardian of the Palace: Book 1 of The Guardian League eBook: Morris, Steven J. : Amazon.in: Kindle Store

📚BOOK REVIEW📚 : ‘DETERMINATION + CORE Values = SUCCESS (A Business-Building Guide for New Wellness Entrepreneurs)’

Author: Terrance Bonner

Book Cover

The book is divided into two sections. Section 1 deals with the core values and entrepreneurship, while Section 2 consists of the ideas, plans, and execution process. This non-fiction doesn’t go on and on about what to do and what not to do, but rather it is a communicative guide that will help evaluate one’s strengths and weaknesses.

One of the most important elements in the business is how much one needs to start it. The author appropriately described that one should do market research and invest in their quality of work, which is the most important. Therefore, we need to proceed step by step by first Calculating the total cost of products and types of equipment. At first, one may not earn a profit. Still, it will eventually end in a better position if we keep patience throughout the process by keeping an eye on the target audience and setting a realistic goal.

Building up a business is a hard-working process. The author thoroughly described that which should serve our immediate, short-term, and long-term goals. He constantly mentions thinking outside the box that is unique even if we have to face any uncomfortable phases to get it done. There are many aspects in a business that one needs to establish like-Start-up expenses, funding of the project, location of the business set up, cost per service, getting insurance, working out the financial framework, and choosing our ideal client, and establishing a team of workers. The most important factor in boosting up our business is extending our communication circle. Before starting a business, we must assist expert entrepreneur organizations in our local areas to get feedback on our business entity. We should lay out all these aspects like a map to understand how we should approach them.

This book is a result of the extensive research and practical experiences of the author. Therefore, it should be a must-read for aspiring people who want to make a profitable business and be experts in their field.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Book buying link: Buy Determination + Core Values = Success: A Business-Building Guidebook for New Wellness Entrepreneurs Book Online at Low Prices in India | Determination + Core Values = Success: A Business-Building Guidebook for New Wellness Entrepreneurs Reviews & Ratings – Amazon.in


This book is the modern rendition of the Epic Sanskrit literature, Ramayana in the twenty-first century. The theme of this book is to fight against the Evil of the world, the Rakshasas. Set in the 6300 Bc, when a fierce battle opened up between the Devas and the Rakshasas, Hanuman was unable to defeat few Asuras before they escaped. As a result, impending Kalyug was inevitable and Hanuman was imposed with the duty of establishing Dharma in this Kalyug and protect all the devotees from the Demons inside and outside the world.

Book Cover

The author has beautifully depicted the mythological characters. The fantasy components in this book were superb. The detailed beautiful description of the ancient setting, the people there, and the historic events have given the story a striking perspective. Overall the story was brilliant and well-narrated. I hope this Trilogy gets better with every book. I am eagerly waiting for the sequel. Coming to the writing style, it is very comprehensive and understandable. Will definitely recommend all to read for sure.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book Link: Buy The Demons of Jaitraya Book Online at Low Prices in India | The Demons of Jaitraya Reviews & Ratings – Amazon.in


The chasm of hopes,

Scraping through the wattle of dreams,

That have been smashed

Between the weight of “being me”

Disha Malhotra
Book Cover

This assortment of poetry is devoted to those who are trapped in their own feelings and are attempting their best to not surrender. Most of the topics speak about life, relationships, comparisons, and a hopeful future. The book consists of poems of an assorted genre that makes the book fascinating. Each literary composition contains a title that’s absolutely matched to the content of the poetry. The poems rhyme perfectly providing us a sense of completeness. I found poems motivating. Go and grab this book. It’s filled with positive vibes and encouragement.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book Link: From Fullstop to Comma eBook: Malhotra, Disha: Amazon.in: Kindle Store


This book is one of its kind. Once you begin reading the book, it’ll take you on a mind blowing journey packed with stories, poems, observations, conversations, semi-autobiographical writings. It has the flexibility to feature a totally new class of exquisite writing.

Book Cover

An assortment of stories, poems, letters, quotes, it is inspired by true events and stories, and delivered into a very inventive mixture of just about every style of content. In order to browse this book and skill the foremost out of it, you need to have an open outlook. you would like to know and respect the opinions mentioned within the book because it relies on the author’s personal experiences and observations. Overall, Random Subterranean Mosaic is a must-read. So, go and grab a copy of this book fast!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Amazon Book Link: Random Subterranean Mosaic 2012 – 2018 – Time frozen in myriad thoughts eBook: Roy, Sabarna : Amazon.in: Kindle Store


Book Cover

The story revolves around David and Sarah in lead roles. David is a self-made millionaire and an enthralling womanizer. Sarah, on the other hand, is a prosperous confident woman holding a well-reputed position of Deputy prosecuting officer. In her workplace, Sarah is encircled by individuals who perpetually targeted to bring her down. While David’s life is more about partying wild and pleasure, Sarah was a career-oriented woman who remained confined to herself. The events flow intrinsically when David falls in love with Sarah. But situations take a turn when David is alleged of being a swindler and Sarah falls on a crossway wherever she must choose from her love, her duty, and the law! While Sarah invariably stands by reality and justice, will she be able to stand by David? What turn their lives can take? What if David is guilty? Go and grab this book. It is full of courtroom drama and romance.

The plot is well-crafted and engaging. Characters are likable. What I liked most was the strong female character and how amazing it was portrayed. Vivid descriptions and wonderful narration make the story very engaging to read. The cover is a feast for the eyes at first glance. The first half of the book is sizzling and steamy while the second half paced up with the court scenes and legal procedures. There were some thrill and excitement factors in there which I loved to read.  This book highlights glamour, luxury, romance, steamy scenes, and action! Can be recommended for people who love reading romance.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book Buying Link: A Brush with Love, A Brush with the Law (Prosecutors – LA Book 1) eBook: Augustine, Summer : Amazon.in: Kindle Store