📚BOOK REVIEW📚 : FARTHER (A Fabulous Tale of a Troubled Father)

Author: Chaitanya Desale

‘But it’s not me…It’s the life, that decides.

It is harder to go farther.

And to live without each other’


Manbir lived together with his wife Nivia and their newborn girl Ruhi in Mumbai. While Manbir worked as a robotics engineer in The New Era Robotics, Nivia was an aspiring writer. Both their families deserted them as a result of their inter-caste wedding. Manbir was a workaholic working hard on his dream project of building AI robots and cherished the hope of getting recognized and applauded one day. With his works forcing him to stay late within the workplace, Manbir struggled to satisfy his commitments as a parent.

Book Cover

Situations took a flip with the tragic premature death of Nivia that turned Manbir into a single parent. Manbir had to relinquish his dream project to his nemesis, Danny. At the same time, Manbir tried to meet his job obligations and took care of Ruhi, while on the other hand, it leads him to a marvelous discovery that must stay a secret. As time went by, Manbir developed a robust fatherly bond with Ruhi. But, what will happen when Ruhi comes to know the truth about his mother’s death? How long can he keep his discovery confidential?

The book is well-structured with a distinct narrative. The characters are well delineated. Along with a sleek narrative, the author kept the readers engaged until the unraveling of the climax. The book has dealt with issues like inter-caste relationships as well as has thrown some light on the sphere of robotics. For readers looking for an emotional and intriguing read, this book would be a great find.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book Link: https://www.amazon.in/FARTHER-Fabulous-Tale-Troubled-Father/dp/1638736219/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1KF7IQXXM2MCM&dchild=1&keywords=farther&qid=1629477803&s=books&sprefix=farther%2Caps%2C322&sr=1-1

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