The story sets in the background of Fulton County, southwest Atlanta, where a ten-year-old boy Ray Lee Williams went missing when he went out of his house to buy some food from a nearby store. While the whereabouts of the young black boy played upon in the news, the police found Ray’s body on the 10th day of his disappearance. The autopsy report revealed that Ray was brutally strangulated and raped. The case was soon transferred to a lead detective in the Criminal Investigation Division, Bernard Watts.

As Detective Watts began investigating, he unfolds similar disturbing cases of eleven young African-American boys been murdered by ligature strangulation in the past decade. Watts was surprised that neither of these cases reached public attention, and it was evident that someone in power was vigorously trying to keep these hidden from the public eye. Who murdered these young boys and why? Was it a crime of passion or a crime because of racial hate? To know, grab a copy of this crime novel.

Book Cover

The novel is well-narrated, and the writing style is simple. I loved how the author has succeeded in keeping the reader hooked till the end. The theme of this novel is very graphic and may not be preferred by a few. It is should a must-read for a person who loves criminal thrillers. I hope to read more from the author.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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