📚BOOK REVIEW📚 : The Beautiful Sky: …healing starts within by Harshwardhan

The novel starts with Amyra and Vian’s college romance. Both of them have opposite personalities. While Vian is a utopian character who loves Shayaris wants to be an author, Amyra is a career-oriented, practical woman. As their college life gets over, Amyra chooses to break up because she knew her parents would not consent to her marriage with Vian. Vian is heartbroken and struggles to get over Amyra.

Book Cover

Amyra’s life topples over when she faces a horrible sexual assault by a gang. Her fiance breaks off their wedding, and Amyra finds herself in a gloomy place filled with hopelessness. However, as she starts reconnecting with herself after this event, she found support from her ex-boyfriend Vian who promises her to remain by her side throughout her healing phase.

It is a story of friendship, faith, love, and healing that will catch the reader emotionally. The plot is impressive, but the story turned too uniform in some parts and has been stretched a lot. Nevertheless, it is a well-narrated novel with excellent character development. For readers who love heartfelt romance novels, this novel would be a perfect choice.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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