This book is the modern rendition of the Epic Sanskrit literature, Ramayana in the twenty-first century. The theme of this book is to fight against the Evil of the world, the Rakshasas. Set in the 6300 Bc, when a fierce battle opened up between the Devas and the Rakshasas, Hanuman was unable to defeat few Asuras before they escaped. As a result, impending Kalyug was inevitable and Hanuman was imposed with the duty of establishing Dharma in this Kalyug and protect all the devotees from the Demons inside and outside the world.

Book Cover

The author has beautifully depicted the mythological characters. The fantasy components in this book were superb. The detailed beautiful description of the ancient setting, the people there, and the historic events have given the story a striking perspective. Overall the story was brilliant and well-narrated. I hope this Trilogy gets better with every book. I am eagerly waiting for the sequel. Coming to the writing style, it is very comprehensive and understandable. Will definitely recommend all to read for sure.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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