The chasm of hopes,

Scraping through the wattle of dreams,

That have been smashed

Between the weight of “being me”

Disha Malhotra
Book Cover

This assortment of poetry is devoted to those who are trapped in their own feelings and are attempting their best to not surrender. Most of the topics speak about life, relationships, comparisons, and a hopeful future. The book consists of poems of an assorted genre that makes the book fascinating. Each literary composition contains a title that’s absolutely matched to the content of the poetry. The poems rhyme perfectly providing us a sense of completeness. I found poems motivating. Go and grab this book. It’s filled with positive vibes and encouragement.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book Link: From Fullstop to Comma eBook: Malhotra, Disha: Amazon.in: Kindle Store

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