It has been a long time I read a crime thriller like this, this book had somewhat quenched that lingering disappointment. This is a book about scrutinizing a crime and its reverberation. Set across the corrupt-but-functioning world of “Thirty Thousand Courts” in Delhi, the descriptions of the cramped, squalid offices wherever most of Delhi’s legal work is done are excellent.

Book Cover

The book deals with two aspects of the story that afterward proves to be inter-twined. Because the brother strives to revenge his sister’s unfortunate death, the readers navigate the dark alleys of the system. The author had maneuvered the narrative along with his adept skills and well-researched plot. Consequent character development has given vast areas for the story to grow. The author adeptly handles the sensitive problems with rape and dangerous topics of corruption. The narrative is a typical Sheldon style in the sense that it flows, it is an exceptionally fast read. There could also be few loose ends however I might gayly ignore them for the sake of this spectacular read. This book has somewhat gratified my thriller-hungry heart.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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