Book Cover

The story revolves around David and Sarah in lead roles. David is a self-made millionaire and an enthralling womanizer. Sarah, on the other hand, is a prosperous confident woman holding a well-reputed position of Deputy prosecuting officer. In her workplace, Sarah is encircled by individuals who perpetually targeted to bring her down. While David’s life is more about partying wild and pleasure, Sarah was a career-oriented woman who remained confined to herself. The events flow intrinsically when David falls in love with Sarah. But situations take a turn when David is alleged of being a swindler and Sarah falls on a crossway wherever she must choose from her love, her duty, and the law! While Sarah invariably stands by reality and justice, will she be able to stand by David? What turn their lives can take? What if David is guilty? Go and grab this book. It is full of courtroom drama and romance.

The plot is well-crafted and engaging. Characters are likable. What I liked most was the strong female character and how amazing it was portrayed. Vivid descriptions and wonderful narration make the story very engaging to read. The cover is a feast for the eyes at first glance. The first half of the book is sizzling and steamy while the second half paced up with the court scenes and legal procedures. There were some thrill and excitement factors in there which I loved to read.  This book highlights glamour, luxury, romance, steamy scenes, and action! Can be recommended for people who love reading romance.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Book Buying Link: A Brush with Love, A Brush with the Law (Prosecutors – LA Book 1) eBook: Augustine, Summer : Amazon.in: Kindle Store

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