Book Cover

Trying to survive in an emotionally and verbally abusive relationship with Vivian, Kashika started a job in a corporate company. Vivian’s conflicting behavior and his constant attempt to control her life, indulging in her social networks, imposing ridiculous rules on whom she shouldn’t talk to; made Kashika’s life difficult. In this situation, when Kashika was trying to revive from a miserable fight with Vivian, she meets Vidit, who worked with her. Gradually, they began to fall for each other, in spite of Vidit been engaged to Natasha. In this contradictory situation, Vivian tries to reconcile his relationship with Kashika. So, with whom does Kashika ends up? Would Vidit take a stand for his love?

The central characters are well-developed and realistic. The language is crisp and fluent. The poetry pieces included are beautiful. The climax was of no shock and ought to happen. The author was successful to get my mind allied with the plotline. For readers looking for an emotional and stimulating read, this book would be a great find.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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