Review of ‘It Gives You Strength’

An engaging page-turner

Book cover

A royal family with their seven years old daughter, Princess Helena were returning from a long trip to their home planet named Dagan, traveling on a civilian vessel. To speed up their return, when their vessel took an unmapped route through a constellation of nine planets, one planet being Earth, they were targeted and destroyed by a killer Drone. The only survivor of the attack was Halana, whose life force was transferred to a host body of an inhabitant of Earth through Transference Protocol just before the vessel was destroyed.

Eight years after this incident, alien anthropologist Tashan Zho was tasked with the retrieval of the life force of Halana and sent on a rescue mission to Earth. While orbiting around the Earth, his life force was transferred into the host body of a homeless drunk veteran named Ryan Costello. Being disguised inside a decrepit host body, Zho was unfortunate in accessing and retrieving the mission data from the Artificial Intelligence Vessel. The only infringement of data he received was a sentence fragment: ‘Find the one called Mike Kelly…’.

Soon Zho discovered that Kelly was the leader of a criminal gang of World War veterans and he forced Zho into the mob. Was Zho able to complete his mission or was he dragged into the world of gangsters? Was Zho able to complete his mission or was he dragged into the world of gangsters? To read this amazing book packed with fantasy, science, and history hurry up and grab a copy of it!!

The story is set against the backdrop of New York City during the prohibition era in the mid-1920s. I enjoyed the story, character development, and dialogue. There were plenty of plot twists that I didn’t see coming and that added to the book’s mystique. What makes the storyline even more interesting is that the characters interact with actual historic figures, including mobster Jack “Legs” Diamond, heavyweight boxing champion Jack Dempsey, and World War heroine Edith Cavell.

It has been a while since I enjoyed a book this much. It’s a well-written sci-fi fantasy with perfect pacing. For sci-fi fans looking for an interesting, three-dimensional, and stimulating read, this book would be a great find.

Book link: It Gives You Strength eBook: Brown, Philip Raymond: Kindle Store

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