Review of ‘The Boundary is you’

“Your boundary is you. Your boundary just is. It’s not negotiable.”

Cover Page

Author: Chany G. Rosengarten (@chany_rosengarten_ )
Format: Kindle edition
Genre: Self Help

Sometimes we stand at such a position in life that we don’t seem to give us the priority and the credit to how much we have survived. We think, we owe to all the people who had been there or are in life. We undermine our success and seem to preoccupy ourselves with how much faults we made or how much failure we faced. And somewhere out there we forget to love ourselves and make space for people who wants to break the fine line of our basic boundaries. And we can’t simply deny them.

This book is about boundaries. Boundaries that are naturally built and the boundaries that are necessary for ourselves to go on with the life. The author has simply divided the book into eight chapters. talking about Boundaries. Self-love, Autonomy, Acceptance. Negotiations, Directions, Sense of Self and Codependency.

This talks about this ‘codepency’ issue that many people are addicted to. It talks about the negativity and motivation that we often face in our busy life; sometimes we unknowingly surround ourselves with toxicity.

This book tells how to train ourselves to push through discomfort until we come through the other side, regardless of how long it takes.
The author takes an optimistic approach to make us aware to take every chance and to drop every fear, to positively influence our domain and triumph in life.
It’s a highly-recommended self-help read.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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