Review of ‘Erika-A Thriller’

Intrepid & Spine-chilling

Author: Mansi Narula Kashyap Format: Kindle edition Genre: Thriller.

Honestly when I started the novel I was disappointed with few plots, but still was predicting something might come up in the end. I read it like a regular Thriller where the protagonist is narrating the story and there will be a villain trying to take the protagonist down and ending with some shocking discoveries. Being a diehard reader of different kinds of thriller, I totally got shocked in the few lines of the last page.


So, the story starts with a girl named Erika, who lives in London with her roommate, Lara and works in a flower shop. One day Erika went out on a date with a guy named Ethan and eventually they both got married after few weeks. The twist starts from this point when Erika discovers that disturbing facts about Lara and Ethan. Few of her childhood memories and disasters seem to haunt her. What is it that her best friend and husband hiding from her? Will Erika be able to get hold of it?.Well, if you have watched series like ‘Black Mirror’ or ‘Love Death & Robots’, you will know what is it 😎.

The storyline is captivating and vibrant. Usage of words are appropriate and not too much ornamental.

Another interesting fact is the verse from Bible given at the top of each chapters.All in one, it’s a perfect short thriller.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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