Review of ‘A Tea-stall by the side of the Road’

Book Cover

Author: Murad
Format: Kindle edition
Genre: Short Stories
Short stories are always everyone’s favourite. We enjoy reading them when we have a few to minutes to spare.
The cover is so stunning and the beautiful combination of the colours will surely allure anyone to read this book.

Eloquent & Incredible Writing Style

This book is an collection of 8 amazing short stories. This is the list of stories and their genres-
Romance: Megha, a forgotten love story
Drama: A Train Journey to Pune, The peepal tree
Humour: The case of disappearing passengers
Thriller: The closure
Mystery: The shadow man
Horror: Scary story, The haunted diaries
Personally I loved the stories ‘The case of disappearing passengers’ & ‘The Closure’.
The author has made sufficient effort in narrating the stories placidly. The writing style is very fluent and expressive.
The natural and articulate style of writing without adding any unnecessary embellishment as expected from a perfect short story.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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