Review of ‘Embers and Vapour’

Author: Shipra Sinha Sakxena
Format: Kindle edition
Genre: Poetry (Contemporary)
It was a melodramatic read for me.
It’s more of a collection of feelings than just poetry.
The book is divided into 4 parts according to the colours- Blue, Green, Yellow, Red.
What I felt that these 4 colours defines the four stages of our life.
The ‘Blue’ indicates Romance and Disappointment (the agony), ‘Green’ indicates Disillusionment and Grievance (the revenge), ‘Yellow’ indicates Reality hitting hard (the healing), ‘Red’ indicates Awakening and Stability (the advent of love).
I would allude to the pieces that I loved from each part :
Blue- The Choices, Her Words of Advise, Captive, Down With Love, Find Me, The Game, Innocence, Forsake, Bemoan Two, The Birthday Wish
Green- The One That Got Away
Yellow- Being Told, Changed, Twice, Steer Clear
Red- Desire, Within Me.
The writing style is voguish, vibrant and absorbing.
Few poems are rhyming, mostly are blank, free verse and narrative poems.
A collection of raw feelings that everyone can related to.
Recommended to all who want to get a flavour of modern poetry.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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