Review of ‘Sakthi: The Chosen Hexad Book I’

Beautiful rendition of the Mythological characters

Author: Vignesh Sv @authorvigneshsv
Format: Kindle edition 
Genre: Mythology
The fiction is based on characters from Hindu Mythology.


The story timeline was set up around 16000 BCE. An Oracle had been prophesized ages ago that Sakthi, the only daughter of Devaguna, is one amongst the Six Chosen Hexades who were to fight against the greatest Evil of the world.

The prophecy turned true when Sakthi fulfilled the three tasks- capture of Arke, returning to her village of Meghavazhi with a live lion, saving her dear friend Kalai from the attack of Garags.

In a distant castle as six people gathered around a circle and chanted some spell, successfully completing the extraction, Sakthi along with Simma(her pet lion) emerged from the circle. With the disappearance of Sakthi, the people of Meghavazhi realised that they had to find a way to live without her radiance and warmth that protected their village.

Sakthi was in the land of Kumari Kandam, ruled by the Thirumurtis- King Shiva, King Vishnu and King Brahma. To her, it was a new experience as she realised how well organised the city was, how well disciplined their soldiers were. She was happy to be a part of such a culture and lifestyle.

The Thirumurtis revealed that Sakthi being the Fourth Chosen Hexad, she would be preparing for an upcoming great war.

While being trained by the Thirumurtis, they perceived that she is the leader and conqueror of the energies of the Universe.

The author beautifully depicted the mythological characters. It was a such a fluent read that I completed it on one sitting❤. Hats off to Vignesh Sv.
I am eagerly waiting for the sequel.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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