Review of ‘Asherah: The Warrior Princess’ (The Goddesses Trilogy, Book 1)

Articulate & Elegant Storytelling Style

Author: Rubina Ramesh @rubina.ramesh
Format: Kindle edition
Genre: Romantic Fantasy Novel

First of all, the cover is amazing and conspicuous. And this is my second fantasy novel review.


Set in the timeline of 3000 BCE, Asherah is an ancient goddess and Princess of Khirbet, who is a trained zealous warrior too. She had been married at the age of only 9 years to the first man in the world, Lord El.

Asherah’s one true purpose is to defeat the powerful and gruesome tyrant, Sandor.

Every night Asherah was haunted by a nightmare where she and Lord El were trying to defeat Santor, but he can be defeat only by his mother.

To defeat such an opponent who is armed with power and brutality is strenuous. So, she decided to seek assistance from her husband, Lord El to defeat Santor.

But situations get troublesome for Asherah when during her training she go head over heels for a stable boy, Hanish. Along with battling against Sandor, an inner battle ranges within her regarding her emotions. Will she be able to win a victory over Sandor? Or her forbidden love affair will affect her triumph?
The author has made a sufficient effort in developing the character of Asherah. All the other characters are well-defined too.

I loved the elegant way of setting up the historical period and the atmosphere of intense action, suspense and mysteries.The storytelling style is lucid and appealing. 
I would readily recommend it to all the fantasy lovers.
Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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