Review of ‘Offsprings’

Impressive Writing Style

Poet: Krishanu Banerjee (@iamkb12)
Format: Paperback
Genre: Poetry

This is a collection of 70 poems of different themes- Childhood, Life, Love, Death, Dreams, Nature etc.

Summary –

The book cover is alluring enough to boast it’s sale.
The poet has honestly acknowledged that most of the poems are penned down during his early age, so keeping aside few flaws, one will certainly enjoy the book.

Through the poems, the poet has expressed the realistic issues of world; his raw and honest feelings.
Most of the poems celebrate the beauty of Nature, beauty and tragedy of Love, the charms of Childhood days, philosophy of Life.

Few noteworthy poems that I loved-
‘Dream or Reality’, ‘My Empty Heart’, ‘Poet of Death’, My Past Days’, ‘Light’, ‘Amazon’.

I would like to quote few lines to exemplify the elegant writing style-

“Lying on a thorny and darken bed
Am thinking of you- my fragile fate,
Dark like shadows as if you
Are always ready to bid me adieu.” – (Poet of Death)

I liked how the poet played around with language and symbolism. There are usage of some pretty heavy words. I loved the beauty of few well-crafted sentences; I admire the skill of perfectly combining the words in rhythm.

Since, I have read a great deal of poems, this may not significantly influence me, but I will definitely recommend it to all poetry lovers.

Overall, the poet has made sufficient effort to convey his feelings through this beautiful collection.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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