Review of ‘Short Stories’

Natural & free-flowing 

Author: Ashwini Kumar Malhotra @akdmalhotra

Format: Kindle edition 

Genre: Short stories

Short stories are always everyone’s favourite. We enjoy reading them when we have a few minutes to spare.


1. Scam-It revolves around an well-known Telecom Company with it’s influential leaders who were researching on technological advancement experimenting on the most powerful device, the human minds. Inspite of this dangerous experiments that mingle with human health, the CEO of the company forced everyone to keep this as a secret. They kept on covertly trialing on an employee, Jay Shetty. 

2. A History Lesson-Raj and his son, Aryan got involved in a rigorous yet interesting conversation on historical facts and how they are presented.Aryan, although being an intelligent boy in his class, his marks kept degrading after he was too much distracted with internet and mobile phones. The story implies about the negative influence of internet on young minds.

3. Ghost Stories-Mahesh with few of his friends gathers in a sleepover once in a month. While debating about ghosts, Mahesh and one of his friends gets involved in a heated debate of whether ghosts exists or not.

4. Recession-Vishal Patil has been an enthusiatic leader in a multi-national IT company in Bangalore for many years.But, recently he is a victim of recession because the Company can’t support financially to most employees. Frustrated Vishal couldn’t get a job in other companies because every IT Companies are on the verge of closing up.Meanwhile Vishal’s father suggests him an idea of starting his own business.

5. Keshav-Keshav Dighe has been working for Rahul Khanna and his family, as their driver for over 8 years.When Keshav’s wife Sunita became pregnant with their first child, he requested a raise in his salary to support his new expenses, Khanna delays it for few months and fired him one day on a shear misunderstanding.Luckily, after few months, Keshav got a job with muchhigher salary than he used to make; at Mr. Mittal’s house.Mittal is known for his rude behaviour and bad habits of being drunk all the time. Keshav didn’t mind these attitudes and ignored it for the sake of keeping his job.  A sudden incident gradually opened up an unrecognized part of Mittal.

6. Lights off- 9 years old Nisha and her friends arranged a sleepover to get Khushi out of depression due to her father’s demise last month.Nisha insisted Khushi to open up and share her sorrows with them Khushi was rather sad and kept quiet the whole time.When they were arranging to go to sleep, Khushi insisted on keeping the lights on.

7. Bada Bhaiya- Madan and Chanda with their new born baby boy, Shubh, went to visit Madan’s elder brother Shankar in Gwalior, after 4years. Madan is a respected teacher in Dabra and Shankar owns a chemical factory in Gwalior.Shankar’s huge haveli welcomed Madan’s family with grandeur and organized a big event for Shubh. Afterwards while Madan and Shankar were discussing their childhood memories, Shankar came up with whether Madan is able to return his loan of 1 lakh that he took a long time ago.Next day Madan returned the money collecting from bank, to maintain his self-respect, although he didn’t have much left in his savings,  And Madan decided to leave that very moment, believing that his shrewd brother had set this event only to have that money back.

8. Dawat- Ashok Gupta decided to invite the Sharma family to a dinner party. He arranged it as a custom in Indian families to invite the newlywed groom and bride.When Sharma’s arrived at their home, Ashok welcomed them cordially with snacks and performances done by Ashok’s kids.Ashok forced entertained them by bragging about his kids while the Sharmas were visibly frustrated and bored.When Sunil expressed his frustration, Ashok told that he was merely entertaining them for the sake of modern societal traditions.

Personally I loved the stories Keshav and Dawat.The author has made sufficient effort in explaining the major social issues like technological advancements, internet influence, relationships etc through these stories. The writing style is very fluent and expressive. 

The natural and articulate style of writing without adding any unnecessary embellishment as expected from a perfect short story.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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