Review of ‘Disenchanted’

Lucid, Elegant & Vibrant Storytelling Style

Author: Brianna Sugalski (@petit.beignet)
Format: Kindle edition 
Genre: Young Adult Dark Fantasy 

I have never read any fantasy novel before and this story has surely made me a fan of this genre.

Summary: In a backdrop of an enchanted forest, Foret de Broceliande, two people are conspiring to destroy soon to be the Queen of Breton, Lilac.

Meanwhile Lilac receives a forged note from Ophelia, the witch of Lupin Grotto of Paimpont.

Lilac has been kept as a captive in her castle for nearly a decade when her parents discovered her shocking secret ability. The entire kingdom believes that Lilac is an unfit heiress to the throne because of her cursed power. This prompts her to sneak out of the castle one midnight to meet Ophelia, to get rid of her dark power.

In her journey, she takes shelter in a tavern where she meets Garin, a vampire but escapes from there only to be caught by Sinclair, his decided future husband who tries to sexually assault her. Luckily, Garin saves her. Soon, Garin and Lilac develops an immediate bond and embarks on a mysterious journey.

Sugalski did an amazing character development. Every character bear an individuality that admires me. I loved her elegant way of setting up the historical period and the atmosphere of intense action, suspense and lust. The description of the scenic beauties are superb. While reading I could visualize them in front of my eyes. I love the romantic steamy relation of Lilac and Garin. The climax of the story is ambiguous which will be revealed in the sequel. I am eagerly waiting to read the Sequel.
Simply the free-flowing writing style will definitely engage one to the very end ❤.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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