Review of ‘Moral Fiber: A Practical GMoral Fiber: A Practical Guide to Living Our Values’Book by Shawn Vij

Thought-provoking and Self-empowering

Author: Shawn Vij

Format: Kindle edition 

Have you ever thought about how your behaviour and emotions affect your mind and your work environment? Have you ever been true to yourself while making choices? Is it always money that you should run for? Between a high-paying and low- paying job which one will you choose? Do you always have to blindly listen and work accordingly to your supervisors even when you know it’s not right? Should you voice your opinion over the people you work for?

These are some diurnal thoughts that torment our mind. This book gives a well-defined answer to these queries. It discusses one’s behavioural discharge in work-environments and daily life, roots of this discharge and how to control it through rediscovering one’s value.

Shawn Vij has narrated how he came across His Holiness the Dalai Lama and how that experience changed his vision towards life. He has comprehensively divided each chapters defining the source of our emotions, the different types of positive and negative emotions, the toxic environments that we create and work in and how to practise self-awareness for being true to ourselves. 

These practices are not only for people in the corporate world but everyone. He talked about his career, how it started, the people influencing it, his successes, downfalls and how he achieved Mindfulness and Emotional Balance.

The author has defined a term called ‘Conscious Capitalism’ and why ‘Capitalism’ and ‘Compassion’ should coexist because when it comes to ‘business’, it’s always personal’.So, in the end, the author makes us aware to take every chance and to drop every fear, to positively influence us and our domain through strengthening our character (Moral Fibre).A highly-recommended read for people dealing with behavioural disorders.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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