Review of ‘Faith and the beloved’ – Kochery C Shibu

Faith and the beloved is my first read from the author, Kochery C Shibu, and also my first attempt of writing a review on goodreads.

The story falls under the genre of crime thriller.

The plot is based on criminal activities, involving a series of murders, deceptions and sexual fantasies.

The book is filled with parallel stories, it is fast-paced, short and focused on engaging narratives.

First plot: Alice Cherokhil, daughter of a rich business women, Naithy Cherokhil, kills her stepdad, Tony D’souza, who is a sleeper cell of a terror outfit, and she runs away.

Things took a turn when Naithy went into coma.

Second plot: Arun Roland and Prem are two brothers from a small village, Kishanganj. As their family history made their life miserable, they were forced to leave the village while, Arun is killed by the police, under mysterious circumstances, which leads Prem to avenge his brother’s death.

These two plots are weaved in one as the lives of Alice, Naithy and Prem cross each other.

The story is a pure saga of lust, love, betrayal,  intrigue and revenge, dealing with realistic dark issues and its consequences on young brilliant minds.

Overall it is a well- written and enthralling piece of fiction, with fresh contents.

Rating- ⭐⭐⭐⭐/5

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